Trade8 offers REST and WebSocket APIs. This documentation outlines the API’s functionality.

You can use the API to programmatically place new orders, check your balance, or stream real-time price updates, among other things.

All request and response bodies are encoded in JSON (application/json). All requests must be made over SSL.

Table of contents

Data Types

Timestamps are in milliseconds since UNIX epoch. All date libraries in modern languages should be able to handle this without issue.

We recommend passing all numbers as strings in your requests, instead of integers or floats, to preserve precision and accurate processing.

Numbers returned by the API, particularly decimals, will be returned as strings.

Rate Limits

Trade8 rate limits its API to prevent abuse that would degrade the exchange’s ability to maintain top-notch performance for all traders.

By default, all endpoints are limited to 5 requests per second per IP. Requests that exceed this limit will receive a Rate Limit Exceeded error with status code 429.

For real-time data, we highly recommend you subscribe to WebSocket events instead of polling REST endpoints.


Bad requests receive an HTTP 4xx response with a message describing the error.

Code Description
401 Unauthorized – Authentication error
402 Failed Request
403 Forbidden
404 Resource Not Found
422 Unprocessable Entity – there was an issue parsing your request
429 Rate Limit Exceeded – too many requests
5xx Internal Server Error – there was a problem with our servers

If the request is successful, a 200 (OK) status code is returned, along with an optional body as documented in this API reference.


REST Endpoint URL


WebSocket Endpoint URL


Get Server Time


Returns the server time.


Query Parameter Type Description
client_time (optional) number Send client_time (in ms since Epoch) to include the time drift between your client and our server in the response.


    "timestamp": 1511572042589